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Elizabeth“Shaun has a remarkable gift. He is genuine, compassionate and his energy is magnetic. This was my first psychic reading and I have found myself going back to re-listen to the recording for the third time now. In just 1 hour, I have never felt more truly understood and deeply known. Shaun connected with a number of my passed loved ones, including someone that I wouldn’t have guessed to communicate with (as we had never met in this lifetime), which was really special. I am so grateful to have had this healing and englightening experience, as it has provided me with a great sense of relief and inspiration. Many thanks, Shaun! You are absolutely brilliant”.

John & Janice

“Shaun greatly helped my wife & I have some comfort with his contact in the next realm. Our daughter passed in an airplane crash in the Gulf of Mexico with no remains ever found. Shaun’s words & connections helped close some of our many unanswered questions on her tragic death. He also was spot on with his information on her living sister, which was remarkable. My wife & I found Shaun to be a loving, caring human being that not only connected with our daughter, but also connected with us! We are anxiously waiting to connect with our 2nd scheduled reading. Shaun is definitely worth the wait. God bless you & your family”.

S from California I have never had a psychic reading before, and my good friend recommended Shaun because of how incredible he is. She said “one session with him is like a year + of therapy”. I joined the call with little understanding of how it worked and had no expectations, and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. Shaun was incredible, know such important details of a personal and difficult life situation I am navigating, and was able to provide clarity and comfort in a way no one ever has. He spoke to the things that kept me up at night and robbed me of my peace. He touched on all the important people, situations and decisions I was ruminating over. I felt seen and understood in a way I never have, and in a way I can’t describe. His reading provided healing for me and my family, and it truly changed my life. I have been recommending him to everyone I know and plan to be a repeat visitor! Thank you so much Shaun.

Victoria from Washington DC:

"Meeting Shaun has been a life changing experience. I meet with him monthly for spiritual development sessions and he helps me connect with my deceased loved ones and deepen my spirituality in a way I could have never done on my own."

Rebecca and Matt from Bolton “Thank you for the reading it was very enlightening and a lot of help hope to be booking again soon.”

Mags from Birdwell “ Thanks for mine and my friends readings, we all really enjoyed it and will be booking again soon .”

Cath & Joy from Bolton  “Brilliant really enjoyed the reading I have never been to see anyone like this, but glad we did will recommend”. Joy says “he even picked up on me being in a netball team at school really good thanks Shaun”.

Miguel from Florida "Simply amazing! What an amazing experience! Things that were said just blew me away. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thank You!"

Allan from Florida "Just incredible! The details and the experience was just amazing and mind blowing. You are the real deal my friend."

Tracy from Goldthorpe “ Great experience I got a lot out of it and will be back thanks Shaun

Tracey from Wath “ Thank You for our brilliant readings, everyone was Amazed will be booking again.”

Jane from York “ Thank you Shaun for one of the most outstandingly and accurate readings we have ever had all our blessings”

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