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Spiritual Empowerment Session (New Service)
Helping you unblock your true potential and connect to your higher self. 

Individual session 80 minutes £90


Workshops/group sessions £30 per person (minimum of 6 people - maximum 10 people) 1 hour session via Zoom. These sessions start on Sunday 14th January 2024 at 5pm UK time and future dates are available on request via email.

Coaching / Counseling

Spiritual Development

Guided Meditation
Mindfulness & Connecting with Spirit.

£70 per Session

£70 per Session

£80 for 60 minute Session

Life Alignment Meditation
Helping you unblock internal issues to align you to your true life path.

£80 for 60 minute Session

80 Minute Spiritual Reading

£90 for 80 minute Session

Paypal Payments only. Please use contact page to reach us for booking information.

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