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Life and Wellbeing Plan (New Service)
Helping you to Empower and help yourself
Helping you to achieve your goals and work through any issues that may be stopping you achieving your goals and life plans.  This will be through a holistic approach of creating strategies to achieve this through my knowledge and experiences of coaching, therapy and spirituality. 

This is an intensive program which is a unique and personal service catering to your individual needs.


1 hour sessions - £100 GBP per session (10% discount for a block booking of six sessions)


(A weekly check in call in-between sessions is also included if required).

Coaching / Counseling

Spiritual Developmment

Guided Meditation
Mindfulness & Connecting with Spirit.

Life Alignment Meditation
Helping you unblock internal issues to align you to your true life path.

Spiritual Questions / Guidance
Send us questions (3 Max.) via Email only for any questions you may have.

50 Minute Zoom Spiritual Reading

80 Minute Zoom Joint Spiritual Reading

£70 per Session

£70 per Session

£80 for 60 minute Session

£80 for 60 minute Session

£20 for 3 Questions Max

£70 for 50 minute Session

£85 for 80 minute Session

Paypal Payments only. Please use contact page to reach us for booking information.

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